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An open book with a globe in the background.If you are looking for a great homeschooling program, accredited homeschooling programs are a great place to start your search. Accreditation is very important, since it basically ensures that your child will be able to go to college, or re-enter the public school system. If your homeschooling program isn't accredited, there is no guarantee that other schools (or jobs) will recognize your degree. It's best not to gamble your child's life by choosing a school that isn't recognized by others.

Pros and cons of accredited homeschooling

There are pros and cons to having accredited programs. A definite benefit is that your child is guaranteed to have an education that others recognize. It will be easier to switch to a traditional school using an accredited program. There is less worrying about what to teach your child; the accredited program will tell you what the next chapter is. The negative part to choosing an accredited homeschool program is that there isn't as much autonomy when it comes to deciding what the curriculum should be. Parents with extremely religious values may not enjoy homeschooling through accredited programs simply because the material may not be acceptable in their religion.

Multiple forms of accreditation

There are multiple forms of accreditation. The most basic form of accreditation is National Accreditation. Regional accreditation, including state and regions such as the Midwest, can be more difficult to attain. NCA (North Central Association) and SACS (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools) both take part in the Council for Accreditation and School Improvement. NCA/SACS CASI accreditation is one of the most popular and trusted forms of accreditation that homeschools can get. 

Below are some accredited homeschools with rave reviews!

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