Advantages of Homeschooling

The advantages of homeschooling often outweigh many of the disadvantages of homeschooling, especially when you’ve been able to start homeschooling on the right foot!  If you’ve selected the homeschooling method that works best for you and your child and the homeschool curriculum that meets your needs by challenging you child without over-taxing them, then you will see the advantages of schooling your child at home.

Two girls bullying another girl..Eliminates negative
social aspects

In public and even private schools, children face a lot of negative influences and it’s easy for a child to fall into the wrong crowd and succumb to peer pressure. Drugs, bullying, alcohol, and sex are just some of the negative social aspects children can be introduced to in a school environment. One of the advantages of homeschooling is that you as the parent can control who and what comes into the learning environment, giving your child a strong defense against those social negative aspects.

Creates optimum learning environment

One of the mistakes traditional school makes is that all students learn the same way, reading from a book and listening to lectures. Most parents know that their children need a different approach to learning. Some kids require a calmer and quieter learning environment; some children need more visual stimulation and activity. Homeschooling gives the parents the flexibility to match teaching style to their child’s learning style.

Steady flow of learning

At public and private schools, learning stays in the classroom (save for an occasional field trip). Homeschooling lets the learning happen anywhere and everywhere. Learning about Texas history? Go to the Alamo! Studying about World War II? You can go over to Grandpa’s house and interview him on what is what actually like on D-Day. Learning literally can take place anywhere and at any time.

Children on a field trip to an aquarium.Abundance of healthy socialization

Traditional schools allow socialization only with children in their own age group during recess. Homeschoolers can get their socialization in many different forms, from volunteering at a homeless shelter or senior home, to meeting with children of other homeschooled families for a trip or picnic. Both ways offer children natural ways to relate to other people.


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