The Exciting World of Eclectic Homeschooling

A young girl with a pencil pressed against her nose.Have you heard about the eclectic homeschooling approach?  In the hands of the right homeschooling household, it's an optimal and potentially the most efficient and flexible form of homeschooling to use.

Catering to individual
learning styles

Unlike most homeschooling curricula, the eclectic approach includes as many elements of all the homeschooling methods available as the parent or teacher feels are right for their students.  This allows for the greatest degree of educational tailoring to match a child's many learning characteristics, temperaments, attention spans, and preferences, which are all very important to take into consideration in order to reach your child's ideal educational goals.

Observation is important

After becoming familiar with the kinds of teaching models their child or children learns best from, a homeschooling parent will often prefer to choose those particular methods and want to hang on to them.  This is where the eclectic homeschooling approach comes in handy.  The eclectic approach is perfect for parents who have already had experience with several different homeschooling methods and curricula, and is the typical method of choice many teach at home families resort to after their experience with various other methods.

Using what works for you

With the various curriculum styles available, such as classical, textbook, unit studies, Charlotte Mason, Montessori and others having many aspects that some teachers and students alike find appealing, others may still find ineffective.  It's helpful to know that when using the eclectic approach, the homeschooling parent can pick and choose what they like between different styles, while discarding whatever doesn't work for them or their child along the way. 

What's involved and is there an "eclectic" curriculum?

Often times the eclectic approach to homeschooling will include the use of one or more textbooks, typically having a certain level of focus on academic education, but, will also entail trips to museums, art galleries, nature walks and public libraries for one of the most exciting and functional forms of teaching at home.  Although eclectic homeschooling may not be the best choice for those who are just starting out, there are homeschooling curricula available that are more eclectic than other options.  A few such eclectic approach curricula are those offered by Sonlight and Time 4 Learning.


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