Free Home School Curriculum

Finding free home school curriculum for your children is easier than you might think, you just need to know where to look! There are many great resources that will help you save money while providing excellent, relevant learning experiences for your homeschooled children.

The entrance of a library.Your local library

A great source for a free home school curriculum is your local library. Obviously, at your local library you will find books of all kinds available for your children!  They’ll be able to find picture books, magazines, or non-fiction books for any research they are doing on a particular topic.  For literature and stories, you should be able to find a fiction book or novel that is suggested reading for their grade level or reading level. Some libraries offer a story time for toddlers or preschool aged children and resources to read along or have a story read to you for older children. Many libraries offer computer access and classes, documentary, literature, and history videos, audio music of all kinds as well as access to Accelerated Reader, an online reading assessment program that many public schools use. In addition to finding curriculum for your child, you can also find information about homeschooling to help you with the planning and teaching of the curriculum. The nice thing about your library is that a library card is free for both you and your child … making it a perfect place to learn together!

Educational websites

United States federal buildingThere are many free educational websites that cover everything from basic grammar to advanced calculus. You may have to create an account or view an advertisement periodically, but it's a small price to pay for the information you can get. The Internet is a great resource that provides many different ways to find free home school curriculum materials. Be sure to check out your local and state government sites for teacher guides, student activities, and schedules for visiting or self-guided tours and even virtual tours that you can do with your children. Also, many of the federal government sites have a child-friendly section to help children learn about the different aspects of our government.  For example, the Library of Congress hosts a site called “America’s Story” that has stories about America’s past for elementary and middle school aged children. Use the Homeschool Companion site to navigate to the homeschool curriculum area to find websites that you can use to support your child’s learning.

Home school support groups

In addition, reaching out to other homeschoolers, either online or in person, will yield tremendous results. Using the Internet, you can use discussion forums or homeschool group sites to find sources for free home school curriculum, and you can look for groups that meet locally. Local groups also provide the advantage of giving your children a group to socialize with, which they may be missing from the public school experience.

Public and private schools

Contact local public and private schools to find out if they have a new adoption planned for their school or district. If so, then ask what they will be doing with their used textbooks. Many schools will allow you to have the textbooks or provide the textbooks to you very cheaply. It just takes the initiative to ask the question!

Community businesses

Lastly, reach out to your community. Many businesses and institutions have old computers and other equipment that they are looking to donate for educational purposes. If you have nonprofit organizations in your area, many of them serve the educational community and will offer materials that you can integrate into your free home school curriculum. The more resources you use, the more material you will have, and the better educated your children will be.

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