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Home Schooling a High School Teenager

A high school aged girl with an open binder.Home school high school: how do you start homeschooling your high school teenager?  Home schooling has been expanding in recent years for several reasons. Traditional teaching and learning methods are not a perfect fit for all students or you may have personal reasons for wanting to home school your high school teenager. If you teenager is struggling in school or you decide that traditional schools aren’t for your high school teenager, consider home schooling.

Keep in mind that home school for a high school student is a large commitment and job, but certainly not impossible. The amount of material and subject material is vast. The great thing about home schooling for high school is most of the teaching doesn’t require as much supervision as younger students.

Homeschooling laws

Before beginning, it is critical to know the homeschooling laws for you state. Homeschooling laws vary from state to state and can change over several years. Some states require that a standardized curriculum be used for home schooling, while others allow any type of curriculum you set up. There are states that require the standardized curriculum and tests for home school high school students that mirror the test traditional students must complete.

Homeschool curriculum

You can create a homeschool curriculum or purchase one already completed for homeschooled teenagers. If you have the state statutes that allow you to create a curriculum, make certain you are covering the same subject matter as traditional students for several reasons:

Homeschool environment

A space should be developed specifically for studying. By providing this study space, routines as well as commitment to the process for both the student and the teacher are developed. Typically their bedroom doesn’t work well because of the amount of distractions, however, there are exceptions to the rule. If you have a home school high school teenager that is motivated and can complete work from their bedroom, let them study from there. In most cases, spaces such as the kitchen work best if you don’t have a separate home office for work space specifically designed for the task at hand.

An alarm clockHomeschool schedule

Along with the homeschool curriculum, develop a home school schedule. You can make certain that you and the high school home schooled teenager are on track and develop a routine which makes studying easier for most. Without a schedule, you may find your child spending less time on subjects they dislike and more time on those they enjoy.

Tutoring you high school home school child

Hire a tutor if you need one for an area or subject that is out of your realm or comfort zone. For example, if you don’t speak a foreign language, now is the time to interview and invest in a tutor. You can hire one to meet with the student a couple of days out of the week. If a tutor cannot be found, consider different online homeschool programs that offer foreign language or other courses that you are not comfortable teaching.

Extracurricular activities

Don’t forget about extracurricular activities. School is about more than pencils and paper. Extra curricula activities allow your home school high school teenager to socialize with peers and to enjoy sports or activities he can take pleasure in. Many large cities and communities have developed teams specifically for home school high school teenagers. These include soccer, football, and basketball teams. Check with your local homeschool groups and connect with other parents for more information for your area.

The wonderful thing about home schooling your high school teenager is that you can better serve his interests and talents. However, make certain in doing so that you aren’t taking anything away from his pursuits past high school.

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