Why Homeschool?
7 Reasons To Homeschool Your Kids

On this page we'll discuss why home school could be your child's very best educational option by looking at the most common reasons to homeschool that a growing number of parents have come to share.

Two small twins standing at the beachSafety

We all want our kids to be safe and giving them an education shouldn't require that we put our children at risk for the sake of a better future. Crimes such as gang violence, drug abuse and alcohol abuse can be and often are, significant threats in many public schools as well as bullying and date rape as a result of our children affiliating with "the wrong crowd" they may become exposed to. However, by default it's much less likely for these factors to threaten a child in a healthy, home school setting.

The risk of teenage pregnancies, another difficult problem many parents and children struggle with, is also greatly reduced through homeschooling, allowing teenage girls and boys the greater ability to complete their education and make wiser decisions for their futures.

Customized Education

Another reason why home school can be more desirable is that parents have the option to choose particular skills and topics to teach their children as well as choose the mediums they wish provide for their children's learning convenience and experience.   Such choices can be freely determined in regards to:

Middle school student reading with her motherOne-on-one attention

It's no little known fact that in many public schools the drop out rate is unacceptably high due to factors such as inadequate learning assistance to students, over crowded classrooms and over burdened teachers. As one of the major reasons to homeschool, providing your child the necessary one-on-one help with subjects they find more difficult as well as making sure their educational goals stay focused and on track can profoundly increase their chances of finishing their education.

Growing closer by spending more time
as a family

Another reason why home school is an attractive option for many parents is that it can allow parents and children to create a schedule for learning that better accommodates for quality family time and development. There can be more time for educational hobbies, crafts, sports, games and other educational activities. Parents and children can also take vacations together, go for more outings, have greater discussion time with each other and enjoy increased time with friends and other family members.   

Critical life and social skills

In home school settings families cannot only develop a greater bond through sharing responsibilities and other activities, children can also have the opportunity to naturally cultivate critical life and social skills on a daily "need to" basis. These life skills often include

Stronger life focus and possible career readiness

Reasons to homeschool also include the option for parents to share their work and career related skills with their children as well as assess their children's own unique skills and talents in order to provide them with the opportunity to specialize in a particular field and promote greater career readiness. Unlike the general education offered by public schools, this can result in a the child having a clearer idea of the career path they wish to take and enable them to be more productive earlier in their adult life.

Religion and morality

Religion and morality are also reasons why home school is the educational method of choice with some parents.  Public schools all too often neglect education in areas of morality and exclude religion from their curriculum. For parents who hold moral and religious values as important parts of their children's lives and feel that these values are important for maintaining a sustainable society, rather than burdening their children with extra-curricular studies after school, parents can incorporate these elements into their own homeschooling programs.

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