Understanding Textbook-based Homeschool

A Traditional Homeschool Method

A stack of textbooks.Textbook-based homeschool also called 'school at home' as well as the following other names:

This method of homeschooling is the one that most closely resembles traditional schooling in the attempt to parallel a similar kind of setting in the home. People who choose textbook-based homeschool for their children typically buy an entire curriculum that includes textbooks, teacher’s instructions, schedules, tests, grading and record keeping forms, and sometimes even extra notebooks, paper, pencils and other necessary materials needed for curriculum completion. Each child being homeschooled, using this method would have their own set of textbooks and materials as well as their own separate schedules depending on their grade level.

People using these traditional homeschool curricula usually try to stick to a public school type Monday to Friday schedule from September into June. Students follow written instructions and progress through their lessons as they complete each of the required subjects one step at a time. And just like in regular public school systems, lessons are submitted daily, tests are completed and report cards can be made on a per semester or quarterly basis.

Despite the potential to mirror public school scheduling, some homeschoolers alter this homeschooling method by relaxing the lesson plans and grades to the desired degree in addition to choosing their own curriculum.

Pros and cons

One of the main benefits of traditional homeschool method is that in the event a student wants to return to public school or continue their education after completing high school, they’ll be able to make a smoother transition than they would with other homeschooling methods. Also, parents can take comfort in knowing that their children aren't missing out in any area of their education, thanks to the completeness of the traditional homeschool curriculum.

Although some may find it convenient to have all of their learning materials provided for in one place, other children might get bored having the same textbook for the whole year. Learning from a textbook isn't child driven, which some people may also see as a disadvantage. Another disadvantage in textbook-based homeschool is due to updating. Sometimes students and parents teaching their children can become frustrated with older editions of textbooks failing to match the material in a revised textbook.

Popular programs

Some popular homeschooling programs that use this method are:

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